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Servants of the Shadow Lord
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Shadow Army
General information

Shadow Lord
Sheela (Leader of the Greers)
Wrass (Leader of the Greers)
Trell (Comander)

Notable members

Grey Guards
Greers (formerly)
Brainwashed slaves (formerly)


Shadow Lord




To fight and do the bidding of the Shadow Lord.


Battle for Deltora



Chronological information
First appearance

The Forests of Silence

Last appearance

Tales of Deltora (only appearance)

The Shadow Army was the Shadow Lord's main force of attack, especially during his first invasion. The army was comprised of various creatures created in his Factory, led by human commanders. The army was initially defeated during the Battle for Deltora and after many centuries, revived with the creation of Grey Guards.



Main article: Invasion of Deltora

The army marched through Deltora through the Barrier Mountains destroying everything in their path. The army was determined to move south, however during winter they were forced to halt.[1] Three commanders in the army drank the water from the Dreaming Spring and were transformed into trees.[2]

Battle for Deltora[]

Main article: Battle for Deltora

Waiting on the Hira plains, the army charged towards the Plains troops. However, many were killed in the trap set by the Ralads. Although Sheela abandoned her post, the army continued to fight and after the aid of the Torans, were destroyed in their hundreds.[1]

Shadowlands invasion[]

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Grey Guards constantly marched through cities, killing anyone who threatened them.

General infantry[]

The general infantry division is the ground force of the Shadow Army and main fighters of the army, in war they kill enemy soldiers, in land that are under the Shadow Lord's control they are used to enforce his rule, some to spy and to Scout.


The beasts division are the wars beasts of the army, but because they are as intelligent as animals, they are difficult to control, and will run away if they get an opportunity.

Air force[]

The air force division is responsible for air defense and reporting directly to the Shadow Lord. This division originally only numbered seven, the air force received additional numbers later.


The Shadowlands division includes forces from general infantry, beasts and Air Force divisions, but has some special units that protect the headquarters.


  • After the conquest of Deltora, the Shadow Army gained access to more food, weapons and etc. Food from the territories that was under the Shadow Lord's control and weapons from the blacksmiths that were near the castle of Del and other supplies from other places.
  • The reason why the Shadow Lord didn't have a naval division in the Shadow Army is because the division never had a chance to build a fleet, as whenever the Shadow Lord tried to build the division, someone always stopped it.


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