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Sea of Serpents is in need of more information! Sea of Serpents is lacking information about the sea serpents and other creaturs that dwell in this sea. As well as whatever new information found in the The Three Doors trilogy.

Sea of Serpents
Sea of Serpents
Physical information

To the east of Deltora and to the west of Dorne

Chronological information
First appearance

Secrets of Deltora

Last appearance

The Third Door

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Map of all Territories

The Sea of Serpents is a large, open body of water located off the coast of Deltora's east and west of Dorne[1][2] and is one of the nine seas in the world. While not territorial to the sea, sea serpents are common to the area. As such, Ruby dragons, whose diet include sea serpents, were often seen hunting here before being driven to near-extinction.[1]


The Golden Door[]

The residents of Fleet sailed across the Sea of Serpents to Deltora in order to escape Annoltis' tyranny.[2]

Secrets of Deltora[]

Doran wrote about the Sea of Serpents in his book Secrets of Deltora.[1]


Sea Serpents as they appear in The Golden Door.

Islands and other geographic features[]


A small, round island with an inactive volcano at its centre, Dorne is home to the Fellan and the original birth place of Malverlain, commonly known as the Shadow Lord, and his brothers Eldannen and Annoltis.[2]



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