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"The little animals frolicked around the boat, playfully butting one another and making tiny chittering sounds."
The Isle of Illusion[1]

Sea mole
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Secret sea



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The Isle of Illusion (only appearance)

The sea mole is a small, aquatic mammal native to the secret sea.[1]


The Isle of Illusion[]

Lief, Barda, and Jasmine came across a pod of sea moles on their way to the Isle of Auron. The creatures seemed friendly and swam close to the companion's boat. However, they hung behind and eventually swam away when they landed on the island of the grubs. While there, Lief saw a grub feeding from the body of a dead sea mole.[1]


Sea moles are plump creatures with seal-like bodies, having fin-like paddles instead of arms and legs that they use to swim. Their bodies are covered in smooth silvery-grey fur, and they have small, sleek heads with tiny eyes and long whiskers. The creatures are also able to breathe air but were completely comfortable in water also.[1]


Sea moles are very playful creatures who live in large social groups. They swim in clumps together and will approach strangers with interest at rapid speeds. They tend to frolic and play with one another while making chittering noises. Although curious, most of them are weary of the grub's island, as they are preyed upon by the insects. They will however, follow something that piques their interest. While they breathe air, they are at home in water as any fish.[1]


  • Sea moles resemble a mixture of otters and seals.


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