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Sea horse
General information

Unknown, presumably waters around Auron or the abandoned Auron rafts






Upright bodies, glitters with every colour of the rainbow

Chronological information
First appearance

The Isle of Illusion (only appearance)

Sea horses are small, upright sea creatures kept by the Aurons as pets. They were like regular sea horses in shape, but glittered with every colour of the rainbow.[1]


The Isle of Illusion[]

Penn, the Auron History-Keeper, kept two sea horses in a glass bowl in the office of his hut, below a wall hanging. The little sea creatures swayed there amid fronds of silver weed. The creatures were very dear to Penn.[1]


It is unknown what the natural habitat of the sea horses are, but it can be assumed that they are from the waters around either the island of Auron, the abandoned Auron rafts or both.


The sea horses kept by the Aurons resemble regular sea horses from the oceans above in shape, except their body glitter with every colour of the rainbow.


Sea horses are position upright while i water, their natural habit, and move in that body orientation. They are known to bubble in the water. They are known to bob while in water.

The behaviour of wild sea horses is unknown, but has been shown that they can be tamed, like the ones Penn keeps, but how extensively is not known. Tamed sea horses like the ones kept by Penn seem to hold dear their owners and feel affectionate for their attention, as seen when Penn held her hand down to them and they kept bobbing up to nuzzle her hand and bubbling eagerly. Tame sea horses may bob lazily while in water.[2]


The diet of the ses horses of the Auron waters is unknown. It is possible that they eat small crustacea like regular sea horses.



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