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Artwork by Marc McBride from the back of The Towers of Illica, showing one end of the island of Illica with two of the Collector towers standing close to the seacliffs

Scollbow Tower
General information

Scollbow clan of Collectors


Lady Poltice
Poupette's twin sister
Collin, son of Olla-Scollbow and Lady Poltice (formerly)
A millennium's worth of generations of Scollbow clan members (formerly)
Original Scollbow pirate captain (formerly, about 1,000 years ago)


Home of the Scollbow clan of Collectors
Home of the Scollbow Collection
Home of the Scollbow pirate captain and his family (formerly)


In use by Scollbow clan

Physical information

Hilltops that lie just in front of Illica's highest point and the Blind Tower ruins, and beyond the townspeople's fields.

Being close to the Blind Tower's piece of land, Scollbow Tower, as with the two other Collector towers, is close to the seacliffs at one end of the island, and the ocean below them

Scollbow Tower, along with the two other towers, lie directly up and ahead and up from the centre of the harbor and the town, both of which lie at the other end of the island



Form of government



Master Olla-Scollbow


The Scollbow Collector clan


The Scollbow clan parents

Chronological information
First appearance

The Towers of Illica (only appearance)

Scollbow Tower is the home of the Scollbow clan of Collectors as well as the Scollbow Collection, as it has been for over one thousand years. The tower is one of the three towers of Illica belonging to a Collector clan. It was first built by one of three pirate captains, to resemble the older Blind Tower that was built by the long dead Bar-Enoch in his time. Through the generations, the captain's family denounced the act of piracy and became traders and collectors of rare, precious objects instead.[1]

As with the other two towers, Scollbow Tower stands at the second-highest point of Illica, between the townspeople's fields and the high point where the Blind Tower ruins lie. then steep, sheer seacliffs and the ocean. The towers are relatively close to one another.[1]

The current head of the Scollbow clan and of its Collection is Olla-Scollbow, who lives at Scollbow Tower with his wife, Lady Poltice and their twin daughters Poupette and Poupette's twin sister. The tower used to also be the home of their oldest child and son, Collin, however when he was being forced to marry a woman against his will, he ran away with his true love and stowed away on the Star of Deltora, leaving Illica.[1]


Ancient history[]


The Towers of Illica[]

Collin's planned wedding to Mishatweet[]

Britta's stay at Scollbow Tower[]


Scollbow Tower is tall and made of stones. It has a flag flying at the top it. The tower stands within a square of pebbles. The door to the tower is big and made of wood, and has a heavy knocker fixed to it.[1]

Beyond the tower's door is an entrance hall that is dim and echoing. At this same level is a huge dining room, with a long table.[1]

Scollbow Tower has several floors, with a curving stone stairway connecting them. The entrance hall and huge dining room takes up the first floor while bedrooms are located higher up. The bedrooms are huge to the point of being like caverns.[1]

The Collection is housed in multiple chambers on at least three floors, high in the tower. The windows at the Collection floors are large and are covered by curtains.[1]

The Collection appears to be endless and every item in it is different, being made up of rare, precious objects from all islands in the Silver Sea and beyond it. These items include golden statues, gem-studded swords, weird glass shapes, antique clocks, stuffed birds and animals, exquisite furniture, ancient books, embroidered rugs, magnificent silver, fabulous jewellery, music boxes, intricate clockwork toys.[1]

The items that Olla-Scollbow is willing to trade are located on the third of the Collection floors, on loaded shelves. These items are rare and valuable, but are more like other items in the Collection. These include a box jewelled water jug with a flying fish-shaped stopper, a shallow velvet-covered box beside it filled with sunrise pearls, and a magical, singing gold bell tree made in the Isle of Dorne.[1]


Star of Deltora[]


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