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The Saltings
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Physical information

Large expanse of Dorne, from centre outwards, where the Fell Zone forest is. The Saltings end where the Scour begins


Alternative future Dorne

Chronological information
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The Silver Door

Last appearance

The Third Door

The Saltings was a wasteland filled with rubble, metal and salt on alternative future Dorne, occupying the large expanse of Dorne taken up by the Fell Zone and the city of Weld at the island's centre.



After being burned down and destroyed by Chieftain Farr's people in the present, the area occupied by the Fell Zone and the city of Weld became the Saltings in the alternative future. Weld had been demolished, blasted to rubble, and the wasteland was littered with Farr's metal and sour with the salt of the water that he had had his people pump up from the sea and sprayed the area with via his metal pipeline. Eventually the Saltings would become infested with sea snails that adapted to life on land.

The Silver Door[]

The Third Door[]

In the present time Rye managed to convince Farr to stop his rampage on the Fell Zone. As a result, the alternative future with the Saltings and related areas would never come to exist and the Shadow Lord would not be able to invade Dorne, as the Fellan's protective spell would remain intact.


The Saltings occupied a large expanse of Dorne, from the centre and outwards, where the Fell Zone forest used to be. It was filled with blasted rubble, littered with metal and sour with salt, and infested with blue-shelled sea snails that had adapted to life on land.