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Rowan of Rin series
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Emily Rodda

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Rowan of Rin is a series of fantasy novels written by Emily Rodda set predominately in the village of Rin and centred around Rowan and his adventures. The Rowan of Rin series is set in the same world as in the Deltora Quest, the Three Doors trilogy and the Star of Deltora series.



The series is set in the village of Rin. Which is found within a valley on an island across the Silver Sea from Deltora, known as Maris. 

The Mountain which Rowan travels to twice. Both in the first book of the series and in the last one. It is often spoken of as if it were alive and conscious, able to pass judgement and curse people. The Mountain has a core of molten rock that has the appearance of liquid gold. On the peak of the Mountain lives a Dragon which roars every day at dawn, thus melting the ice that flows down the Mountain into the stream. The Mountain is covered in what Rowan and Zeel calls "Devil trees" which are carnivorous trees that sends its victim into a deep sleep so that it does not put up a fight as it is devoured.



Rowan of Rin[]

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After the stream in their village runs dry, six brave heroes venture into the Mountain to eliminate the source of the problem, accompanied by young Rowan, the oddity of Rin and the keeper of the bukshah herd, and armed with a strange riddle and a map of the Mountain which only Rowan can hold and read. Although the heroes are all strong and brave warriors, they soon discover that the Mountain tests their endurance and courage in the most unexpected way-- by forcing them to face their most inner fears. Slowly, one by one the warriors confront their fears and are defeated by them, leaving at the last the young Rowan, who is afraid of practically everything and ridiculed and dismissed by many in Rin, to carry on and face the Dragon of the Mountain and restore the stream.

Rowan and the Travellers[]

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Six months after the restoration of the stream, the Travellers are seen making camp close to Rin, surprisingly earlier than usual. The witch Sheba is haunted by terrifying visions and strange riddles, no one can help her except Rowan who appears in her dreams. The Travellers bring their toys, games and tricks. But the people of Rin do not trust them. Why have they come so soon to Rin? Are they the "secret enemy" of Sheba warning? Rowan is caught in a web of intrigue and danger as he races against time to find the secret enemy and solve the riddle The secret enemy is here. It hides in the darkness, fools beware!

Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal[]

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Rowan and the Zebak[]

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Rowan of the Bukshah[]

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