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Rosalyn Trust Deed
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Rosalyn fleet

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To display the rules of the Rosalyn Trust competition as penned by Trader Rosalyn

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Shadows of the Master (only appearance)

The Rosalyn Trust Deed is a legal document written by Trader Rosalyn which gave instructions as to how her title and ownership of her fleet was to be passed on.


Shadows of the Master[]


A modern version of the Rosalyn Trust Deed summarising the criteria to become the Trader Rosalyn Apprentice when the current Trader Rosalyn Mab began looking for an apprentice.

"Mab, the Trader Rosalyn, calls for candidates to compete for the right to become her Apprentice. Please note the following terms, which are based on the original Rosalyn Trust:
* Candidates must be female citizens of Deltora aged between 15 and 18 years.
* Every candidate must be sponsored by an adult citizen of good reputation.
* A basic level of education is required, but experience is not important. Candidates will be judged on character, intelligence, and trading instincts.
* On the day of testing, three finalists will be chosen. They will be taken on a trial trading voyage on the finest ship of the line, the Star of Deltora.
* All finalists will be given trading funds. Provided that in the opinion of the Trader Rosalyn she will bring credit to the Rosalyn fleet, the finalist who brings goods of the highest value back to Del will win the right to be the Trader Rosalyn Apprentice.
* Upon the death of the present Trader Rosalyn, her Apprentice will inherit the title, and all the rights and responsibilities this title conveys, including full ownership of the ships of the fleet.
Entry forms and further details may be obtained from the Trader Rosalyn office."

Known original passages[]

"The highest scoring Candidates, three at the least, are to be taken on a trading voyage in the finest ship of the fleet ..."