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Rosalyn is in need of more information! Rosalyn is lacking information from the chapter/tale titled "The Trader's Daughter" from the new edition of Tales of Deltora.

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Biographical information
Alternative name(s)

Trader Rosalyn




Dorne (formerly)


18 (at the start of The Trader's Daughter)


Unnamed trader as the Trader Rosalyn



Physical description




Eye colour


Hair colour


Personal information

Garth (father)
Unnamed mother
Unnamed half-Fellan (husband)
Peregrine (son)
Alenan (daughter-in-law)
Annoltis (grandson)
Malverlain (grandson)
Eldannen (grandson)

Chronological and political information

Sailor, captain, trader


Captain of Garth's second ship (formerly)
Owner of the Rosalyn fleet (formerly)


Rosalyn fleet

First appearance

Tales of Deltora (only appearance)

Last appearance

The Hungry Isle (mentioned)

Rosalyn was the daughter of Garth and the grandmother of Eldannen, Annoltis and Malverlain. After meeting a half-Fellan man in Dorne, she fell deeply in love and had a son named Peregrine with him.[1] Later in her life Rosalyn founded the largest trading fleet in Deltora, taking the title of the Trader Rosalyn.[2]


Rosalyn's mother died giving birth to her. From an early age, Rosalyn had a keen eye for trade and greatly wished to follow in her father's footsteps, but he always left her with her grandmother in Del when he went to sea.

Voyage to Dorne[]

Rosalyn's father, Garth, wishing to own a second ship to expand his trading business, promised Rosalyn's hand in marriage to the much older Mobbs, in exchange for influence and the promise of a dowry of one of his finest trading ships.
Rosalyn was largely unbothered by the plan, agreeing with her father that money made for a more secure future than passion, and never having cared for suitors. She did, however, seize the chance to make him finally take her on a trading voyage to Dorne, first.
While docked at Nerra, Rosalyn felt hampered by the constant supervision of Frere, her father's appointed guardian during her stay. She managed to trick him and snuck away to an out-of-the-way shop that had caught her eye.
Upon entering, she immediately found herself enamored by the young half-Fellan man at the counter. He explained to her that those of his ancestry sometimes found themselves in mutual love at first sight, and offered her an enchanted bracelet to match his own. They eloped the same night, and Rosalyn left a note for her father explaining what had happened.

Life in Dorne[]

Rosalyn lived for some months with her husband in a cottage by a stream at the forest edge. Together they had a baby boy, who would later be known as Peregrine.
Their location was discovered and reported to Del by a spy Garth had hired. He returned at all speed with a crew of trusted men, who broke into their home in the dead of night and killed Rosalyn's husband. Garth forced a memory-wiping potion down her throat and brought her, unconscious, back to the ship.

Return home[]

Upon returning to Del, Mobbs found something jarring about the hard glint in the eyes of Rsoalyn that had not been there before. He paid the bride price to Garth, but changed his mind about marrying Rosalyn, who never did marry again.

Founding the Rosalyn fleet[]



Physical appearance[]

Rosalyn had black hair and eyes, inheriting her father's "dark good looks". After her experience in Dorne, she always had a somewhat distant expression.


In her younger years, Rosalyn was merry, quick of mind and eager for adventure, nothing like the gentle mother who had died giving birth to her. She had inherited her father's strong will, but she lacked his sterness, and usually got her own way by teasing and cajoling instead of frowning.

Following the incidents on Dorne, where Garth had forced Rosalyn to drink the forgetting potion, Rosalyn was left pale, cold and rather lifeless, and in her eyes, there was a hard, empty glint. She grew sterner and harder with every month that passed, and while she regained the colour in her cheeks, the hard glint never faded from her eyes. It was as if she had left the warm, lively, loving part of herself behind in Dorne, and it was lost to her forever. But while her heart was lost, her iron will and her love of adventure remained.[1]


Rosalyn was quick of mind, fearless and had a strong iron will which she had inherited from her father. Following her first sea voyage, Rosalyn accompanied her father on his every voyage, and quickly proved to be an even better trader than he was, and in time it was she who captained his second ship.[1]


Unnamed half-Fellan




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