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Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt.

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Ron haddrick
Ron Haddrick

April 9 1929


Feburary 11, 2020 (aged 90))


Actor, voice actor, narrator

Involvement in Roddaverse

Narrator of all Deltora Quest audiobooks

Ronald Norman Haddrick AM MBE (9 April 1929 - 11 February, 2020) was a former Australian cricketer and Australian theatre, television, film and voice actor. In 2012 he received an Equity Lifetime Achievement Award for his long and distinguished career in those media. Ron Haddrick is the narrator of all the official Deltora Quest audiobooks. He retired from acting in 2019. On 11 February 2020 he passed away, in his home.




Hadrick passed away in his home on 11 February, 2020. A memorial service was held at The Parade Theatre at NIDA on 1 March, 2020, where speakers included actor and director John Bell and a former Australian cricked captain, Ian Chappell.

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