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Riverside is in need of more information! Riverside is lacking history from The Third Door. Also mention that Riverside became the Diggings in the alternative future.

Riverside sign
Physical information

Roughly halfway between the sea and Fell End, by a broad river, where Fleet was a thousand years ago



Chronological information
First appearance

The Third Door (only appearance)

Riverside is a small city built where Fleet once was, roughly halfway between the sea and Fell End. Riverside stands by a broad river in which was once a stream which was widened by the citizens. It was also where Chieftain Farr began his attack on the Fellan, attempting to destroy them. In the alternative future, following Farr's clearing of the Fell Zone, Riverside became the Diggings, until that timeline was prevented by Rye, Sonia, Dirk and Sholto's actions in the present time.

Riverside is home to a species of hog, descended from wild bloodhogs, that in the alternative future became the work animals used at the Diggings.[1][2] In present times, the Riverside hogs are used for food and to drag carts.[2]


The Third Door[]





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