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River Tor
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Emerald territory, Amethyst territory

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The Maze of the Beast

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Secrets of Deltora

The River Tor is a river that originates in Emerald territory and flows into Amethyst territory. The River Broad joins the river when it reaches Tora. The Tor then widens and continues to flow into the Silver Sea. Once it was said to be the most beautiful river in Deltora. It was fast-moving, crystal clear, and home to many water birds.[1] However, the river has become dangerous because of pirates. It is also sluggish and full of dead bodies.[2]


Before the disappearance of the dragons, it was common to see Amethyst dragons flying above the river, hunting for fish and eels.[1]

Secrets of Deltora[]

Doran wrote about the river in his journal, commenting on its beauty and supplying information to travellers. There are many foot paths and suitable camping locations along its bank. Boats of many sizes sail the river, many of them carrying passengers. Small villages are on both sides of the river, offering a meal and a bed for the night.[1]

The Maze of the Beast[]

In the time of the Shadow Lord's rule, the Tor had become muddy and sluggish. Pirates frequented the river and killer worms lived in its depths.[2]


King's Bridge[]

Built by the Ralads by order of King Brandon, the King's Bridge is strong and sturdy.

There are also two other bridges, but they are narrow and in bad shape.[1]

The River Queen[]


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