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This article is about the steamboat itself. For the thirty-second episode of the anime under the same name, see The River Queen.
River Queen
River Queen
General information

To transport passengers along the River Tor


Captain of the River Queen
Lockie the Stripe (entertainer and other jobs)


Presumably in use

Physical information

The River Tor, Amethyst territory


Amethyst territory




Captain of the River Queen


Captain of the River Queen

Chronological information
First appearance

The Maze of the Beast (only appearance)

The River Queen is a steamboat that picks up and drops off passengers along the River Tor. The crew mainly consists of Polypans and humans.[1]


The Maze of the Beast[]


The River Queen signpost.

After Jasmine split from Lief, Barda, and Dain, both groups arrived on the River Queen at different times on their trip to the cost. On Lief, Barda, and Dain's first night, the River Queen was attacked by pirates. During the attack, Barda was knocked overboard, Dain was captured, and an Ol recognised the companions and attacked Jasmine before the captain could kill it. Afterwards, Lief and Jasmine were rowed to shore.[1]


Before passengers come aboard the boat, they must agree to the following rules:

  • They must have the ability to protect themselves, as the captain is not their bodyguard.
  • River Queen anime

    The River Queen boat as it appears in the anime.

    Ols are allowed on the ship, but they should mind their own business.
  • No harassing other passengers.[1]


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