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Short way east of the Great North Road


Ruby territory



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Secrets of Deltora

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Dragon's Nest

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Map of Ruby territory

Ringle is a small town in Ruby territory reached by turning off from the Great North Road.[1] It was once a large market town during the reign of King Lucan, but afterwards dwindled in population to a small town.[2]


Secrets of Deltora[]

On his third-to-last expedition around Deltora, commissioned to write a travellers' guide to the land, Secrets of Deltora, Doran the Dragonlover stayed in the town for one night at The Jolly Goat, choosing to continue writing his book in the guest parlour rather than play darts at the bar, where the other guests had went to compete with the locals.[1]

Dragon's Nest[]

The palace guards escorting Lief, Jasmine and Barda on their quest to find the Sister of the East camped outside of Ringle. During the night they were attacked by Rolf the Capricon, who butchered them all and burned their bodies in the guise of a Ruby dragon. The townsfolk were woken by the battle and investigated, only to find the camp burning and destroyed.[2]


During its prime, the town was extremely fruitful and was a popular place to stop for travellers in Ruby territory. It had a small public bathhouse which also offers tubs for washing clothes, a market in the town centre selling a wide variety of food, both fresh and dried, a pub, and two inns - The Ringle Rest and The Jolly Goat. The two inns varied in price and were advertised by notices pinned to a board in the town centre. However, many citizens would offer spare bedrooms for travellers and nearby farmers would allow travellers to camp in their field in return for manual labour, such as an hour's work chopping wood or forking hay.[1]


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