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Ring of the leader of the Masked Ones

The ring of the leader of the Masked Ones is worn by the leader of the travelling circus troupe known as the Masked Ones, and is the badge of the leader's office. It is a broad golden ring, without any stone, and its broad surface is covered in carved signs.[1]



Lief, Barda and Jasmine encountered the troupe of the Masked Ones while on their way to the Sister of the North. Bess, the leader of the troupe, told Lief about the ring of the Masked Ones that she wore. According to her, the ring held the gift of life and death and one day it would belong to Lief. Later, Bess tried to poison Barda by slipping white powder in his drink while he was distracted. Lief noticed this and tried to alert Barda but was unable to do so because of the commotion. However, Kree had also noticed and tapped the switch underneath the table that caused the cups to be reversed. Consequently, Bess drank her own poison and died.[1]


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