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"I have visited Raladin many times (by invitation) & I can tell you that it is merely a peaceful, well ordered place of rounded earth-brick houses & halls set around a paved square with a central pool of water."

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Raladin is the home of the Ralads and is the capital of the Ruby territory.


Raladin was founded long before the Land of Dragons and Pirra were merged in the battle of fire and water. It has been the only home of the Ralads since its formation.

Tales of Deltora[]

During the years before Adin's coronation, the Ralad people kept to Raladin, even as their territory was colonised by people from all other tribes. To avoid attacks from other tribes, the Ralad people built a replica of their city, so they could hide their true city away from invaders.[2]

During the Shadow Lord's first invasion of the Land of Dragons, the Greers under the command of Wrass and Sheela sacked the replica Raladin and spent the winter in the ruined city. However, they did not find the true city, where the Ralad people were hiding. Adin was eventually brought to Raladin on his quest to add the great Ruby to his dream belt.[2]

Secrets of Deltora[]

Doran visited Raladin while travelling Deltora for his travel guide Secrets of Deltora. While staying in Raladin, Doran spoke with the Ralads who sympathised with his concern over the dwindling dragon populations. Doran notes that visitors are only allowed to visit Raladin by permission of the Ralad people.[1]

The Lake of Tears[]

Manus was on his way back to Raladin after escaping fom Jin and Jod, when he was captured by a pod of Grey Guards. Lief, Barda, and Jasmine rescued him from the guards, and after a run in with Jin and Jod, Manus agreed to take them to Raladin.[3]

Upon arriving in Raladin, the companions found that the city was destroyed and branded with the Shadow Lord's mark. However, Manus played a discarded flute, which alerted the Ralads in their underground city. As thanks for returning Manus to them, the Ralads let the companions stay with them for a few days before venturing to the Lake of Tears. After the death of the sorceress Thaegan, Lief, Barda, and Jasmine returned to Raladin to partake in the festivities.[3]


  • Underneath Raladin is the underground city, which is used by the Ralads to hide from enemies.
  • The anime depicted an underground labyrinth that can be accessed through the underground city. This location is considered to be non-canonical.


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