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Common Ralad symbols and their meanings.

Ralad script,[1] or Ralad writing, is a writing system traditionally used by Ralads. It consists of symbols in the thousands, and adult Ralads will combine symbols for speed and clarity. Ralad symbols often derived from their visual appearance.[2] Ralad script became an important form of communication during the Shadow Lord's rule; not only among the mute Ralads, but also among members of the Resistance.[3]

Though not limited to Ralads, it is rare for outsiders of the tribe to understand the language.


Secrets of Deltora[]

On Doran the Dragonlover's third-to-last expedition in Deltora, commissioned to write a travellers' guide to the land for King Lucan's son, Gareth, Doran wrote a section on Ralad writing, titled 'Ralad Picture Writing' while staying in Raladin. In it he mentioned the numurous symbols and how they could be combined for increaded fluency. He also mentioned that young Ralad children and others, like himself, who were still learning used basic symbols to form setences. Though the sentences were not perfect, the meaning was often understood.[2]

The Deltora Book of Monsters[]

After the sorceress Thaegan transformed the city of D'Or into the Lake of Tears, the Ralad people spoke out against her. For this, Thaegan stole the voices of the entire tribe's current and future members. This forced the Ralads to rely on their writings to communicate with others.

Josef came across pages of Ralad writing in an inn after escaping the palace. Having learnt Ralad script as a child, he was able to read the writing and learned of a monster who guarded the Lake of Tears, killing all who ventured into his domain. After reading more and seeing the images Ralad artists had made, he knew he had to record Deltora's present evils and the idea for The Deltora Book of Monsters was formed.[1]

Shadowlands invasion[]

Resistance symbol

The Ralad symbol for 'freedom'.

The Ralad symbol for freedom became a symbol of the Resistance and was used by members to identify supporters.[3]

The Lake of Tears[]

Barda revealed that he studied Ralad scripts during his time in the palace guard. This allowed him to translate Manus' writings when he, Lief, and Jasmine travelled to the Lake of Tears.[3]

Return to Del[]

In order to inform their allies of the gathering at Withick Mire, the Resistance used Queen Bee's bees to send a letter to Manus in Ralad script.[4]


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