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Qb honey label

The "Quality Brand" label.

Queen bee

Queen Bee

Queen Bee Honey, sometimes sold under the name Quality Brand Honey, is a rare and expensive honey made by the bees in Queen Bee's orchard.[1]


Queen Bee began supplying the Resistance with her honey sometime after the Shadow Lord's invasion of Deltora. In order to keep both herself and her sons out of danger, Queen Bee sold the honey to the Resistance under the label of Quality Brand Honey.[1]

The Maze of the Beast[]

Dain was carrying a jar of honey with him when he saved Lief, Barda and Jasmine from two Ols. He used some of the honey to heal Barda after he had been injured during the battle. Dain took some honey when he nearly passed out after suffering a sprained arm and several broken ribs. When the companions arrived at the Resistance stronghold, Lief used the honey's "Quality Brand" label to realise the hidden password to get inside. Lief later gave some honey to Jasmine after the Ol attack aboard the River Queen.[1]


Steven sold some Queen Bee Honey to the Masked Ones in exchange for the companion's weapons and packs.[2]


The honey has powerful healing properties. Eating so much as a spoonful is enough to give strength to someone who has survived an Ol attack.[1]


  • In the books' Brazilian Portuguese localization, the honey's fake label is Radiant Wings Honey, to match Queen Bee's translated name.


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