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Queen Bee Cider is a popular beverage drunk throughout Deltora made by Queen Bee from tree-aged cider apples. It was commonly sold at the Rithmere Games and gives extra strength to the drinker. The beverage was a highly prized drink among the guards and acrobats at the Palace of Del.[1] Although valuable, Queen Bee Cider is less rare than Queen Bee Honey.[2]


Before the Shadow Lord's conquest of Deltora, Queen Bee Cider was given to the Palace guards and acrobats in the royal palace.[1]

The Shifting Sands[]

Queen Bee Cider

Queen Bee disliked trespassers on her orchard.

Queen Bee Cider was sold in the stands at the Rithmere Games and given to the participants in the Champion Inn between matches. Barda criticised giving the drink to the spectators, since they were not burning off the excess energy.[1]

Dain served Queen Bee Cider to the semifinalists and, on Doom's orders, drugged Jasmine and Neridah's drinks so Doom would face Glock in the finals. However, Jasmine refused her drink, which Glock drank and forced Doom to face Jasmine instead.[1]


Queen Bee Cider has the ability to enhance the strength and endurance of anyone who drinks it. However, too much consumption of the cider can lead to an increased bloodlust and wild attitude, especially if the consumer doesn't burn off the excess energy, as seen in the spectators for the Rithmere Games.[1]


  • In the anime Queen Bee Cider is referred to as Queen Bee Nectar.


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