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Purebond root
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Ruby territory




Ingredient for adult masks


When prepared correctly pure bond roots can join with the skin

Chronological information
First appearance

Shadowgate (only appearance)

Purebond root is a type of root that grows out of a type of herb that grows naturally in Ruby territory. They were used by Bess of the Masked Ones to make adult masks. They are grown in the secret Field of Masks in northern Ruby territory, near the Opal-Ruby border. The roots, which are located underground, smell over-sweet, over-ripe and slightly rotten.[1]



King Lief, Captain Barda and Jasmine were dropped by the Ruby dragon, Joyeu, in a field where purebond roots grew. At that moment they did not realise that the roots were there. Later Lief saw the roots in Bess' wagon and recognized the smell from the field. He believed Bess was going to cook the roots as a form of food.

Later Lief overheard two girls, Neelie and Lin, talking about purebond roots, which they harvested in the Field of Masks - the field that Lief, Barda and Jasmine was dropped in by Joyeu. He then realised that Bess used the roots to make the inner skin of the adult masks.[1]


Purebond roots grow in a secret hedged-off field near in the north of Ruby territory near the Ruby-Opal border, called the Field of Masks by the Masked Ones. Here, the herb mingles with the patchy grass on the field's rough earth.[1]

Adult masks[]

When purebond roots are prepared correctly and are subsequently brought in close contact with the skin, they will bond with the skin. The roots are boiled until they dissolve and then the mixture is used to make the inner skin of the special adult masks. It is an ancient craft and its secrets are closely guarded. All the adult masks have an inner fabric made of purebond roots that will join with the skin after roughly an hour. It is also implied that purebond roots can exert some magic of the person who wears a mask made of them.[1]



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