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Cavern of The Fear

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Secrets of Deltora

Plains Scorpions are highly poisonous scorpions that reside in Opal territory.[1]


Tales of Deltora[]

Plains Scorpions were cited in the tale of Opal the Dreamer as one of the dangers on the plains that made Liza and Dodd keep constant watch over their daughter.[2]

Secrets of Deltora[]

Doran studied and described Plains Scorpions in his journal. He advised readers to inspect their sleeping blankets before use and to stomp on the toes of their boots and shake them out to be safe from the scorpions while in the Plains territory, and to hang clothing rather than leave it on the ground. Doran himself neglected the latter rule of safety and was nearly bitten by a Plains Scorpion which had hidden in the sleeve of his coat, which he had carelessly thrown on the ground while brewing tee. He crushed the scorpion with his journal, resulting in the creature’s blood staining the official copy of Secrets of Deltora, on the notes of the previous day which he had been reading at that time.[1]

Cavern of The Fear[]

A Plains Scorpion, placed under King Lief's pillow in his bed chamber[3] by Pieter, was used as part of a failed assassination attempt on the young king.[4] Lief was alerted to the danger by the Ruby and Emerald on the Belt of Deltora and crushed the scorpion with the flat side of his sword's blade. Its purple blood stained his white sheet.[3]

The Isle of Illusion[]

Sometime after the failed assassination attempt, two Plains Scorpions escaped from the box where Pieter kept them and stung him to death.[4]


Plains Scorpions are extremely aggressive and will attempt to sting after only minor provocation. Even simple movement can anger them, and they will attempt to sting their targets even if half-crushed. Their stings are always fatal to humans and most other creatures, and their fondness for dark places, such as boots, makes them incredibly dangerous to people. The Plains Scorpion also bite.[1]


Plains Scorpions are as large as a man's fist. They have purple bodies covered by black stripes and purple blood.[1][3]


Plains Scorpions, as their name suggests, live on the plains of Opal territory. They favour dim places and are a constant threat on the plains, frequently hiding in shoes, under piles of clothes, or under rocks.[1]


It is not clear what Plains Scorpions eat, but they have no known natural predators due to their frightening toxicity. Not even Opal dragons feed on the scorpions.[1]


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