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Pirran Caverns
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Plumes, Aurons, Kerons



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Underneath Deltora

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Cavern of The Fear

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The Shadowlands

The Pirran Caverns are a giant underground cave system, running the entire length of Deltora. The Caverns are filled with water, forming an underground sea, and contains in three smaller caverns the three isles that the three Pirran tribes settled on over 1,000 years ago, after they were forced out of Pirra by the Shadow Lord. The ceilings and part of the walls of the caverns are made out of precious gemstones, and each section of the cave systems that are located beneath a specific Deltoran tribal territory is made of the gem that is that tribe's talisman, with the tribal gems having come from these gemstone ores to begin with, unbeknowst to the Deltorans. The only humans to ever have known of the caves and seas' existence is Alyss, Rosnan, Doran, King Lief, Queen Jasmine, Captain Barda and Glock.[1]

Pirran Caverns map

Lief's traced map of the Pirran Islands, mapped by Doran.


Each Isle's people had a piece of the Pirran Pipe which was split due to trickery by the Shadow Lord. The Plumes had the mouthpiece of the flute, although it was stolen and eventually ended up with Glock. The Aurons had the middle stem, and the Kerons had the endpiece. Due to ill will remaining from their feud over who should become the next Piper, the three groups settled on separate islands and guarded their borders. The three different chosen Pipers of the tribes used their magic to light the gem-like walls.

At some point, a ferocious sea monster, the Fear, settled in the passage separating the Plume and Auron caverns. With time, it grew to a gigantic size and blocked up the passage completely. It beat at the water and caused tidal waves, threatening to flood the Plumes' island, unless they sacrificed one member of their own to it per year. A cage on a line spanning the distance to its lair was built to facilitate sacrifices, and a system was made to select elderly Plumes to send to be devoured.

Seven Plumes, hoping for a better life on the surface, fled their island, taking with them the mouthpiece of the Pirran Pipe. They were all slain in various mishaps of fate, and a Jalis knight, the ancestor of Glock, took the Pipe piece as a lucky charm.

The Aurons, wishing to recreate Pirra as it was rather than adapting to the underground land, used their Piper's magic to weave illusions from their memories. Eventually, they encased the island of Auron in a dome that made the image complete. Some Aurons, however, did not want to live in a fantasy, and refused to pretend to be in Pirra, as was required to keep the spell intact. Eeran, the Piper of that time, cast them out of the dome, forcing them to create rafts of fungus wood on which to live. Although Eeran had promised to keep the caverns lit if they departed in peace, with time, the Piper's magic lighting the cavern walls began to fade, making life outside more difficult. Arach began to breed in the dim waters, feeding on the dead cast out of the dome.

Cavern of The Fear[]

Jasmine and Glock found their way into the Pirran Caverns, seeking a way to the Shadowlands to save Faith. Lief and Barda followed after them.

They were captured by the Plumes, who were pleased to find sacrifices for the Fear who did not have to be taken from among their own. However, they convinced the Plumes to leave them their weapons and send them together, in hopes that they could finally slay the Fear.

They succeeded, opening the way to the Opal caverns, but Glock was killed in the battle. His body was buried on the Plume island.

The Isle of Illusions[]

Lief, Barda, and Jasmine, after a close call on the barren island, meet the Aurons of the rafts. The Piper sends them to speak with the people dwelling within the illusory dome, withholding the knowledge that they would shatter the illusion entirely by speaking openly of the outside world.

The Piper within, Auris, is the only surviving Auron on the island. He is killed by an Arach while trying to keep the half-broken magic dome up, destroying it and releasing the magic once again. The Aurons would go on to resettle the island.

The Shadowlands[]

Lief, Barda and Jasmine pass through the Forbidden Way into the Emerald cavern. The Kerons use their magic to assist them in going to the surface in the Shadowlands. There, they use the Pirran Pipe to disable the Shadow Lord long enough to teleport all of his Deltoran prisoners back to the caverns. They are transported back through the three caverns to the entrance in the Os-Mine Hills, forgetting their time underground once they are out thanks to the memory-swamping power of the caves.

The reunited Pirran Pipe is returned to the Kerons, who will pass it down between the tribes every year in a grand festival.


Pirran Islands[]

Main article: Pirran Islands

Barren island[]

The barren island is a tiny island located in the Opal caverns, which is also home to the island of Auron and the abandoned Auron rafts. It is apparently without the plant life or fungus seen on the Pirran islands, and its sole inhabitants are a species of large, carnivorous grubs that feed upon sea moles who end up on the island or any travellers unaware of the danger. The island is surrounded by brightly coloured seaweed planted by the Aurons as a warning against danger.[2]

Auron rafts[]

Aurons cropped

The Aurons

The Auron rafts were built by the Aurons who were exiled from their island when they refused to accept the illusory recreation of Pirra created by many of their fellows. Using materials from the island, they built the rafts, which served as their home for many centuries and were visited by Doran the Dragonlover. After the last of the islanders died and they were able to reclaim the island, it is unknown what became of the rafts; since they were no longer needed it seems likely that the Aurons would have disassembled them to put the material to other uses.[2]


  • It was believed by Barda that the caverns were beyond the borders of Deltora, hence he suggested that the powers of the Belt of Deltora did not function. Though, Jasmine argued that since the gems came from the earth, the Belt should have been more powerful. Later it was revealed that Belt of Deltora that Lief wore in the caverns was a forgery and the real one was kept on the surface with Marilen.


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