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Pirran (tribe)
General information

The isle of Plume, the isle of Auron and the isle of Keras

Pirra (formerly, now the Shadowlands)

Notable members

The Plume tribe, the Auron tribe and the Keron tribe


Pipers (one for each of the three tribes)
Piper (formerly, one ruler)

Chronological information
First appearance

Tales of Deltora

Last appearance

The Isle of Illusion

The Pirrans were the residents of the island of Pirra, before splitting into three separate tribes and moving into the Pirran Caverns beneath the land of Deltora and settling on three islands in the hidden underground sea there. These islands are Plume, Keras and Auron, named after the last three candidates for the title of Piper. Over time, the Pirrans evolved to be shorter and gained deathly pale skin, which became more tender.



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The Plumes[]

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The Aurons[]

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The Kerons[]

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Physical appearance[]

Pirrans are humanoid beings, with four limbs, however they are shorter than humans, and built stockily like Dread Gnomes. They have deathly pale, tender skin, dog-like heads and faces, with small pale eyes, large pointed ears, and a long muzzle for a nose. Pirrans are typically hairless,[1] however many of today's Kerons have blonde hair, inherited from the Deltoran woman Alyss who fled to the Pirran Caverns over a thousand years ago with the man Rosnan.[2][1]

The Pirrans of the past were however taller, had less sharp faces and golden brown skin, as evidenced by Auris in the now shattered dome, whose appearance is that of the original Pirrans, preserved by the magical illusion of Pirra that existed within the dome.[3]

Notable Members[]



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