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Pi-Ban is a Dread Gnome who was a member of the Shadowlands division of the Resistance.[1]


Despite his home, Dread Mountain, being under the control of Gellick and, as such, Gellick's master, the Shadow Lord, Pi-Ban was brought to the Shadowlands some time before the reign of King Lief, where he eventually joined the Resistance led by Claw after escaping either alone or in one of the occasional escapes Claw's Resistance instigated. He, alongside Hellena, Alexi, Tipp, Pieter and Moss, hid out in a Resistance bunker positioned in sighting distance of the Factory, from which the launched occasional raid in the hopes of thwarting the Enemy's plans.

The Shadowlands[]

Pi-Ban was captured during a raid on the Resistance's headquarters, along with every other member stationed there, though the rebels successfully prevented the tunnel leading to the bunker where Brianne, Claw and Gers were hiding. He was taken to the Shadow Factory, where he was to be saved to be used in a demonstration of the now completed Conversion project, which would allow the Shadow Lord to invade Deltora through controlling the minds of its people. One by one, each of Pi-Ban's friends were taken from their cells as test subjects for the Project, eventually leaving only Pi-Ban left. His time in captivity also brought Pi-Ban into contact with Tira of Noradz, who's people, though they were not incarcerated with him and many others, Pi-Ban realised were just as much the Shadow Lord's prisoners as him. Left the only Resistance remaining, Pi-Ban was escorted by the remaining guards of the Bak Pod to a room situated besides the Guard Production Room. While escorted, the Baks, foul tempered after the loss of four of their brothers, attempted to torment Pi-Ban, savagely beating Pi-Ban when he taunted them over this, then revealing to him that he was to share the fate of Faith and be brought to the Shadow Arena, though Pi-Ban was completely ignorant to the identity of Faith.

Lief, Barda, Jasmine, and Emlis found Pi-Ban locked in a cage shortly before the demonstration was to begin. They revealed that though not technically sent by Claw, they still knew of Pi-Ban and Barda sets about attempting to free him while Jasmine inquires to where the other rebels were, though Pi-Ban revealed with a groan that his allies, along with all of the prisoners and forced servants, mentioning his acquaintanceship with Tira when Barda inquires about the Noradz woman, who the companions had seen serving as a follower of the Shadow Lord (unaware, at that time, that Tira was infected by a Carrier Worm). Jasmine whisperedly questioned him about Faith, and the Dread Gnome told her that he had overheard that a girl with that name was scheduled to appear with him at the unavailing ceremony. When a pod of Grey Guards came to wheel his cage into the Shadow Arena, the companions hid underneath the cage, but were eventually spotted and locked up with Pi-Ban.

He was later rescued by the united Pirran tribes and brought to the Pirran Sea. He lost all memory of the sea and its inhabitants when he was returned to Dread Mountain.[1]

The Sister of the South[]

Pi-Ban was present at Lief and Jasmine's Wedding alongside Gla-Thon, Fa-Glin, Ailsa, Prin, Bruna and Merin, where he was noted to have shared the companions adventure in the Shadowlands.

Physical appearance[]

Pi-Ban looked gaunt in the Shadowlands because of all he had endured there and had a wild, unkept beard. He is small and stocky like all Dread Gnomes.[1]


Pi-Ban was honorable, as befitting a Dread Gnome, and showed a great degree of bravery both through his status as a Resistance member within the Shadow Lord's own territory and when he urged Lief, Jasmine, Emlis and Barda, who he barely known, to escape rather than risk their freedom trying to save him, declaring that he wished to die a Dread Gnome rather than a coward who had dragged others down with him. He also showed a willingness to defy the followers of the Shadow Lord even in captivity, sarcastically expressing his pleasure that the six remaining Baks had been forced to abandon their brothers to escort him and grinning briefly at the memory, despite the injuries he had received in response. Pi-Ban evidently was also friendly towards his fellow Resistance members, being aghast when it seems Hellena had joined the Shadow Lord and showing clear grief as he recounts how, one by one, his captured friends had been taken from their cells.


As a Dread Gnome, Pi-Ban was presumably a masterful bowman, though the extent of such skill is never given. Since he was a member of the Resistance, Pi-Ban was almost certainly a reasonably skilled fighter experienced in a range of weapons.


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