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Peregrine's father
Biographical information

Nerra (formerly)



Physical description

Part-Fellan, part-human



Eye colour

Deep sea green

Hair colour

Dark red

Personal information

Rosalyn (wife)
Peregrine (son)
Alenan (daughter-in-law)
Eldannen (grandson
Annoltis (grandson)
Malverlain (grandson)

Love interest(s)


Chronological and political information



Owner of Curios

First appearance

Tales of Deltora, 2013 edition (only appearance)

Peregrine's father was a half-Fellan, half-human man from Nerra, the husband of the trader Rosalyn and the father of Peregrine, future chieftain of Dorne.[1]


Tales of Deltora[]

Peregrine's father owned a shop called 'Curios' at the end of a dime little laneway in Nerra. One day, he felt a call to create a pair of matching seashell bracelets, of a kind used to bond soulmates together. When Rosalyn entered the store, the two fell in love at first sight. He offered her the other bracelet, and the two eloped that same day.
The two lived in a cottage by a stream at the forest edge, where they kept ducks and goats. Rosalyn gave birth to am infant son.
About a year later, Rosalyn's father Garth returned to Dorne, having received word of her location. He and a gang of men stabbed Rosalyn's husband to death, giving her a potion to make her forget the whole experience, and left their infant son away to be given to a childless couple to raise.

Physical appearance[]

Peregrine's father was described as being young, tall and lithe and having dark red hair that hung down his back and deep sea green eyes. His hands were strong, with long, sensitive fingers, and when he met Rosalyn he had a bracelet of tiny glittering shells fastened around his wrist.[1]


Peregrine's father was thoughtful, protective, and decisive, and connected to the supernatural awareness shared by the Fellan people.


Peregrine's father was able to read minds, had keen senses, and crafted a bracelet with an unknown enchantment upon it. He likely had other powers associated with the Fellan people.



  • Peregrine's father was more than half Fellan, as he alluded to to Rosalyn in his shop. Alenan would later regret her people's decision to wed her to Peregrine to secure their alliance, saying that his Fellan blood was stronger than they had realised, and that had made their children more powerful than they had anticipated.


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