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People of D'Or
General information

Ruby territory

Notable members

Ethena D'Or
Juste D'Or
Faene D'Or
Nanion (ancestor) †
Nanion (child and ancestor) †


Fleet in Dorne (formerly)

Form of government


Head of State

King of Deltora


Nanion and King Lief

Chronological information
First appearance

The Lake of Tears

Last appearance

The Third Door

Territorial information

The people of D'Or, previously the people of Fleet, are Deltorans living in Ruby territory in the golden city of D'Or. They are not members of any of the original seven Deltoran tribes, as their ancestors had come to Deltora as refuges a thousand years ago, during the time of Queen Adina, when the tribes had already united under Adin and the Belt of Deltora. The people of D'Or are the descendants of the people of the town Fleet in Dorne, who all escaped, safe for Faene D'Or, from the tyrranical Chieftain Annoltis so that none of their youth would have to be sacrificed in his Gifting rituals anymore. Today, where Fleet once stood is the town of Riverside is today.

The people of Fleet were renowned for breeding the highest quality of horses, a skill and tradition that has been continued in Deltora.

Physical appearance[]

The people of D'Or are tall golden-skinned humans. These characteristics have not changed for a thousand years when the ancestors of the D'Or citizens lived in Fleet.