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Orwen is a Mere man,[1] the Champion of the Rithmere Games, and companion of Joanna.[2]


The Shifting Sands[]

Orwen travelled to Rithmere with Joanna to compete in the Rithmere Games. While on the Rithmere Road, with Rithmere in sight, Lief, Barda, and Jasmine overheard the two talking about last years' games. Joanna assured her companion that they would both make it to finals this year. Orwen met the companions in the Champion Inn, and explained to them that, once they were registered in the book, they had to compete.

Orwen made it to the preliminary rounds and was paired with Jasmine. She was able to use her agility to dance around him, though it did little to slow him down. However, Orwen spotted Joanna being strangled by Glock in their ring, and rushed to her aid. This resulted in his disqualification.[2]

The Sister of the South[]

Orwen and Joanna were present at the wedding of Lief and Jasmine. By this point they had both become Champions of the Rithmere Games, now run by Fardeep.[1]


Orwen's role in the anime is the same as the book. However, his character is made out to be more of a bully to the companions. Also, the preliminary rounds are done one after the other—instead of all at once as was in the book—and on a raised platform. This caused the Joanna and Glock fight to go uninterrupted. Orwen did not attack Glock until it was his turn to fight Jasmine, which was after Lief fought Neridah. As in the book, he is disqualified, though why he would wait until it was his turn to fight is never explained.

Physical appearance[]

Orwen is described as being tall like a giant and having muscles that bulge through his ragged shirt. He wears boots.[2]


Orwen is a competitive person, yet still showed a sense of honour. He explained some of the rules to the companions regarding the games, and wasn't nearly as aggressive to them as others, such as Glock. He also deeply loves Joana, and was willing to get himself disqualified to protect her.[2]


Orwen is an impressive fighter, and very strong.[2]


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