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Orin the Wise


The Cavern of the Crystal in the town of Maris



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Fisher (formerly)


Keeper of the Crystal (formerly)


Mirril clan

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Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal (only appearance)

Orin was a Maris man and a member of the Mirril clan before it was eradicated. Orin was the first Keeper of the Crystal and the discoverer of the Crystal. He was the first person to brew the antidote to the Death Sleep poison.


Early History[]

Orin, a member of the Mirril, known for their poisons and antidotes, created a recipe for a cure to Death Sleep. He encoded it in rhyme. While on the Island gathering the ingredients for the antidote, Orin was confronted by the Great Serpent and chased into a cave leading under the water. There, he found the Crystal in a cavern, becoming the first Keeper of the Crystal. He decreed that, in order to stifle competition between the four clans that would undermine their unity, members of his own clan, the Mirril, would always be selected as the Chooser for future Keepers, and there would be one candidate for Keeper from each of the other three clans. Orin laid out rules for a contest of intelligence and determination to help the Chooser select the next Keeper. After his death, future Keepers continued to draw upon Orin's wisdom through the Crystal. After the Mirril clan was wiped out by the Zebak in an effort to cause a succession crisis and weaken the Maris for invasion, the current Keeper chose a man from the tribe of Rin, the warrior slaves who had newly defected against the Zebak, to be the designated Chooser, along with all his progeny after him.


Before finding the Crystal, Orin hated Maris from the other three clans, like most of his people. However, after finding the Crystal, he seemed changed in his mind as well as by his attainment of new powers. He endeavored to curb the Maris's chronic infighting with his decisions as the Keeper, and under his rule they gained new strength as a result of their combined efforts. He was deeply cunning, even for one of the Maris folk, and held many secrets that went on to be passed into the body of knowledge of the Crystal. Even after becoming Keeper, he misled his people to think he had been fishing instead of brewing an antidote when he had been chased into the cavern, presumably in order to keep his potion a secret.


As the first Keeper of the Crystal, Orin had great power over natural forces and the hearts of people. He was said to be able to sense fish and sea serpents in deep water, predict the weather, and read thoughts. Presumably, he was also able to control the weather and the currents of the ocean. It is likely that the Crystal's power served to enhance his intellect as well, in some manner.


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