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Opal Dragon2
Opal dragon
General information

Opal territory


Muddlet foals, Pinwheel Viper, rats, River Broad fish (except Wise Fish), Fighting Spiders


Critically endangered


Serious, formal, cautious, farseeing, Prefer planning to impulsive action. The best eyesight out of all the dragon tribes.

Chronological information
First appearance

The Sister of the South

Last appearance

Secrets of Deltora

Opal dragon are a species of dragon native to Opal territory.[1]


The Battle for Deltora[]

An Opal dragon fought alongside Adin's army in the Battle for Deltora against the Shadow army. It joined the battle halfway through and engaged the seven Ak-Baba.[2]

Secrets of Deltora[]

When the palace of Del was built, Withick, Deltora's greatest artist, painted the images of Opal dragons on the ceiling of the palace library to commemorate the Opal dragon that fought with Adin.

Doran the Dragonlover became friends with the leader of the Opal dragons. He died a few days before Doran came to the plains territory to write his book, Secrets of Deltora. His son, Hopian, spoke with Doran and told him about the decline of Opal dragons due to hunting by the seven Ak-Baba.

Doran later convinced Hopian and the remaining dragons to go into hibernation until the king of Deltora wore the Belt of Deltora and banished the Ak-Baba. However, Doran was unable to contact Prince Gareth, so the dragons remained asleep for many generations.[1]


Opal dragons painted by Withick in the palace library.

The Sister of the South[]

Hopian, the last of the Opal dragons, was awoken by King Lief to help destroy the grey tide, and fought against the seven Ak-Baba with the aid of the other six dragons remaining in Deltora.[3]

Known Opal dragons[]

  • An unnamed dragon who took part in the Battle for Deltora (deceased)
  • The former leader of the Opal dragons (deceased)
  • Hopian


Opal dragons are known to be formal and serious in conversation, and they prefer to plan their actions out instead of acting on impulse. This may be in part due to the power of the opal to give glimpses of the future. They do not hunt the Wise Fish of the Broad River out of respect for the fish's wisdom. Opal dragons have scales that shine with every colour of the rainbow with pale blue underbellies to match the sky. They also have the best eyesight out of any dragon. This may also be due to the power of the opal to aid those with weak sight.

Opal dragons high

Opal dragons camouflaged in the sky


Opal dragons are carnivores who feed primarily on cold blooded animals, such as fish (not Wise Fish, Fighting Spiders, and reptiles. They also eat rats and Muddlets on occasions. When hunting Fighting Spiders, they are considered a sweetmeat and are usually taken in pairs.[1]


Opal dragons inhabit Opal territory and are primarily seen around the Broad River.


  • The last Opal dragon, Hopian, is currently the largest of Deltora's remaining dragons.


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