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Ooze Toad
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Emerald territory






Poison used to make blisters.


Large, gold

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Dread Mountain

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Tales of Deltora

The Ooze Toad is a species of large poisonous toad native to Deltora and the Barrier Mountains.[1]


According to legend, Adin saved his horse Wing from an Ooze Toad's venom with the power of the Ruby.[1]

Secrets of Deltora[]

Doran the Dragonlover mentioned Ooze Toads when talking about the dangers in Emerald territory in his book, Secrets of Deltora.[1]

The Deltora Book of Monsters[]

Josef included a section detailing Gellick in The Deltora Book of Monsters.[2]

Dread Mountain[]

The monstrous ooze toad Gellick ruled over the Gnomes of Dread Mountain for several years. Many Gnomes hated his reign, but they kept him well-fed, and in turn he supplied poison for their arrows. His poison was also used by the Shadow Lord to fill blisters. Gellick's tyranny ended when Lief threw a bottle of water from the Dreaming Spring into the toad's mouth, turning him into a giant tree.[3]


Ooze toads inhabit the barrier mountains in Emerald territory.[1]


Ooze toads resemble normal frogs and toads, but they grow to monstrous sizes. The exact size of an adult is unknown; Doran mentioned in Secrets of Deltora that he had seen an Ooze Toad as large as a calf, while Gellick in Dread Mountain was roughly ten times this size. It is possible that Ooze Toads continue to grow all their lives. Ooze Toads have lumpy flesh that constantly oozes venom, and, unlike most amphibians, slimy, clawed feet.[1]

The skin of an Ooze Toad is strong enough to repel sword slashes and arrow heads.

The skin colour of an Ooze Toad seems to vary from individuals. On the cover of Dread Mountain, Gellick is coloured brightly in red, green, purple, and blue. However, the Ooze Toad shown in Secrets of Deltora was pale gold.[3]


Details about the behaviour of Ooze toads is unknown. However, judging from Gellick's behaviour, Ooze toads are wicked creatures who consider those beneath them vermin.[1]


Ooze Toads prefer to eat flies, however they are able to digest Dread Gnomes and other humans.[citation needed]


Ooze Toads get their name from the poisonous venom that leaks from their skin near-constantly. This venom is highly potent; just a cut from an arrow coated in the venom can kill in a matter of minutes. Only two creatures are known to be immune to the vemon: dragons and other Ooze Toads.[1]


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