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Odi shell hair clip

An odi shell hair clip with a pattern meaning "Forever" in Maris. It is a traditional pattern.

Odi shell
General information

Used as love tokens

Chronological information
First appearance

Two Moons (mention)

Last appearance

The Hungry Isle

Odi are rare tiny blue seashells that wash up on the shore of the island of Maris once every seven years, always on the night of the full moon. Odi ornaments are highly prized as love tokens due to their rarity and their marvellous colour, blue as the eternal sky, never fades. Odi are gathered by the Maris people.[1] The odi shells are used to craft beautiful jewellery inlaid with the rare shells.[2]


Two Moons[]

The Towers of Illica[]

The Hungry Isle[]


Star of Deltora[]


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