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Del (before the Shadowlands invasion)
The Shadowlands (after he was taken prisoner)



Cause of death

Stabbed in the back by an unknown Shadow Lord servant

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The Shadow Lord

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Palace guard (when living in Del)


Palace Guards
King Endon
The Resistance (Shadowlands division)
Shadow Lord (while under Carrier Worm control)

First appearance

The Isle of Illusion

Last appearance

The Shadowlands (mentioned)

Moss was a member of the Shadowlands division of the Resistance. Originally a man of the Del tribe, while living in Del he had served as a palace guard under the reign of King Endon.


The Isle of Illusion[]

Moss was a faithful palace guard who was taken from Del to the Shadowlands sometime during the Shadowlands invasion. During the time he spent in the Shadowlands, he somehow escaped captivity and joined the Resistance lead by Claw. At some point after the Shadow Army was repelled from Deltora, he and all the rebels bunked with him were captured by the Shadow Lord's forces and imprisoned in the Factory. One by one, each were taken to be used as a test for the Conversion Project and in Moss's case, it was on the very day of their capture, for Moss was the first Resistance member selected for experimentation. Moss was sent back to Del, though he was an imperfect specimen, to attempt to assassinate the king, who the Shadow Lord at that time believed was the only barrier to another conquest of Moss's homeland. Due to the carrier worm in his head, Moss could not walk without crutches. Under the control of the carrier worm, Moss attempted to choke Lief when the young king bent down to speak with him. Three guards came to Lief's aid, and it took all of their combined strength to overcome the man's choking grip. As Moss was being moved away, an unknown person in the crowd knifed him in the back, killing him.[1]

The Shadowlands[]

When travelling with Lief, Barda, Jasmine, and Emlis through the tunnels under the Dead Plain in the Shadowlands, Claw, Brianne, and Gers found one of their Resistance hideouts had been ransacked. The people who had been living there, including Moss and several other Resistance members, had either been killed or taken prisoner. The three Shadowlands Resistance members expressed grief for the loss of Moss and several more of their allies and friends, Brianne calling out for Moss as she grieved her lost friends. Pi-Ban, a member of the captured group, later mentioned Moss with similar grief, telling Lief, Barda and Jasmine when they enquired too the fate of his friends that Moss was the first who disappeared. [2]

Physical appearance[]

After being subject to the Conversion Project, Moss could not walk without crutches.[1] He was only described as being an elderly man, though was surely still in good fighting condition.


As a palace guard, Moss would have been taught wrestling and had an iron grip, despite his age (though this choking grip might have been a result of the Shadow Lord's control, as many of it's servants were similarly noted for their cast-iron grasp).

Since Moss was an escaped slave that found himself among the Resistance, he was most likely gained a wealth of experience in combat while participating in the numerous small skirmishes and raids Claw's Resistance launched on the operations of the Shadow Lord.


Deltora Quest[]

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