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Bardamini name is — Berry. Of Bushtown.

The following information is based on the anime and not considered canon.

Mirror of Fear3

By touching the mirror, Thaegan could access its powers.

The Mirror of Fear was an object used by Thaegan to manipulate the minds of Lief, Barda and Jasmine. When directed at a person, the mirror shines and transports the person into their darkest reality. It has the power to show people's weaknesses and fears, and these events can be watched on the mirrors surface.


Sorceress Thaegan is Back![]

Thaegan used the mirror when she was revived the second time to trap Lief, Barda, and Jasmine. She also sent Zan, Zod, Pik, Snik, Lun, and Lod inside the mirror to look into the companion's fears and present them with challenges.

Thaegan is scared of getting old

thaegan's beautiful face in 'mirror of fear' ages rapidly

Ugly look of thaegan after getting old

After thaegan was attacked by the mirror of fear, he lost the magic power of maintaining youth and beauty, which made thaegan, who had lived for hundreds of years, rapidly age and regain his true appearance, an extremely ugly old woman

Lun and Lod turned into a dark version of Lief in order to play off his fears of being unable to protect his friends; Pik and Snik turned into a copy of Prandine who berated Barda about his inability to protect his mother; and Zan and Zod suspended Jasmine in a cage over boiling water, forcing her to solve a puzzle in a confined space.

Mirror of Fear[]

Being impatient with the children's inability to break the trio, Thaegan came across the mirror and asked it to tell her more about their weaknesses. This led to Zan, Zod, Pick, and Snick to tell Jasmine and Barda that, if they gave up their lives, Lief would be allowed to free. Barda and Jasmine agreed to these terms, not realising that Lief was listening in from his chamber in the mirror. Lief realised the evil nature of the mirror and managed to free himself and the others, cracking the mirror in the process.

Lief used a piece of the mirror in the following battle against Thaegan, and its fear-magic stripped Thaegan of her youth and beauty. This prompted her to commit suicide along with her children, except for Ichabod.