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Mirror of Fear

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Mirror of Fear is the thirty-seventh episode of Deltora Quest.


After being put in the Mirror of Fear by sorceress Thaegan, the companions encounter their worst fears.


The episode starts with Lief, Barda and Jasmine trapped in the Mirror of Fear by Thaegan, where they encounter their worst fears. Lief must duel with an opposite version of him, Barda must fight Prandine (due to the fact that he killed his mother), and Jasmine must solve a puzzle in a confined space. After a hard struggle, both Barda and Jasmine are given the option to give up and be killed in order to let Lief go free, which they take. Their decision is shown to Lief by the alternate version of him through the mirror placed in front of him. As Lief was also about to give up, he notices that the ruby fades when he sees the mirror in front of him. Knowing that the ruby fades only when evil is present, Lief destroys the mirror, causing the curse of the mirror to come to an end.

In the real world, Lief encounters Thaegan, where he challenges her. She commands Ichabod to kill Lief, and transforms Ichabod into giant spider. As Lief was about to be killed by Ichabod's web, Jasmine arrives and injures Ichabod, rendering him unconscious. Thaegan, not believing what happened, tries to kill the trio by herself, but collapses when Lief shows her the Mirror of Fear. Seeing herself old and ugly, her magic weakened and unable to maintain her youth and beauty, Thaegan begins to cast a final spell to kill herself. Her children, not wanting to live without their mother, enter the burning magic with her, with the exception of the unconscious Ichabod. Touched by the love of her children, Thaegan finds peace as she lovingly embraces them and they go together into the afterlife. In the end, Lief is furious and wants to put an end to the Shadow Lord for causing so much suffering, even to those who serve him.

Decadent Thaegan

Thaegan after being exposed to the Mirror of Fear.




  • The Japanese title translates to "Thaegan and Her Children".