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Minna was a girl who lived in Rin when Bronden was a young girl. She was killed one stormy night while searching for a lost bukshah calf.[1]


At ten years old, Minna was the keeper of the bukshah when Bronden was a little girl. The two girls were close friends, so much so that they were like sisters and practically inseparable. However, one stormy night, Minna was killed while searching for a lost bukshah calf, only for her to fall into Rin's old mineshaft when it still had not been closed in. The night she went missing, the whole village, even the children, went looking for her. Eventually her bones were found with the bones of the calf she was trying to save, in the mineshaft. Minna's bones were buried at Rin's graveyard.

This event changed Bronden completely, turning her into a bitter person who refused to believe anything that she could not see with her own eyes.[1]

Rowan of Rin

During Rowan, Marlie, Jonn, Bronden, Val, Ellis and Allun's journey to the top of the Mountain, they came to a swamp whose spirits could make create illusions to lure people away from the firm ground. There the spirits made Bronden see Minna, still ten years old, with the bukshah calf she had tried to save those years ago. Terrified and weeping, Bronden tells Val what she has seen. Jonn tries to comfort her and convince her that what she has seen was not true, explaining that the spirits of the swamp played a trick on Rowan and Allun as well. Too terrified to go on, Bronden turned and went back the way the group had come.[1]


Minna was a sweet, shy and quiet girl. According to Marlie, she was as quiet, gentle and fearful as Bronden was loud and bullying and fearless. Minna's personality fit quite well with her profession as keeper of the bukshah, as the job has always been offered to the quieter, less strong children throughout history because it was easy.[1]


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