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Messenger birds are birds trained to carry messages across large distances.[1]


Return to Del[]

Messenger birds were used by the members of the royal family to convene messages to the other tribes. However after the Shadow Lord came into power, the use of messenger birds fell into disuse.

Dragon's Nest[]

At some point after Lief became king of Deltora, Jasmine trained a flock of birds to serve as messenger birds for the palace of Del. Jarvis was assigned as their keeper.[1]

The Sister of the South[]

When Lief began to make preparations to combat the Toran Plague, Paff poisoned the messenger birds and Jarvis. Jasmine discovered the dying birds and alerted Lief, who was able to heal ten of them with the great Emerald. However, they were left too weak to travel to Dread Mountain, so Kree agreed to take the message himself.[2]


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