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Master of the Staff
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Dare Larsett

Alternative name(s)

King of Tier (presumably, for all Masters of the Staff who took the Staff to the Isle of Tier)

The Master of the Staff is the title given to whoever currently holds the Staff of Tier and has access to its power.

While someone is Master of the Staff, the Staff cannot be taken from them without killing the one who tries to take it. Since the Staff of Tier exerts its own influence over people, all Masters of the Staff have been hypnotised by it, unable to give it up or share its power with anyone, usually causing them to die still clutching it if they do decide to give up their life, or keeping their hold on it and using its power of immortality to keep living forever. The Staff's influence also has a way of causing most under its spell to take it to the Isle of Tier, where it was first created, and bury it into the earth in the cave at the centre to cause the Hungry Isle has to come alive and move where it wills and devour what it encounters on the way. The last Master of the Staff, Mikah, sat on his throne in the cave with his hand gripping the Staff for fifteen years, unwilling to pull it from the Earth or to let go.