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Mark of the Shadow Lord
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Signifying dominance in an area, or ownership over something or someone, and to intimidate people into submission

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Brand of the Shadow Lord

The mark of the Shadow Lord, also called the brand of the Shadow Lord, the Shadow Lord's mark or the Shadow Lord's brand, is the official symbol and ensignia of the Shadow Lord, the Shadow Army and the Shadowlands, used to indicate ownership of locations or to indicate that the Shadow Lord has power in an area.[1]

The mark of the Shadow Lord is also found somewhere on the bodies of all Grade 1 and 2 Ols, which they try to hide while in a shapeshifted disguise, for instance among other marks like beauty marks or tattoos.[2] The Shadow Lord would brand buildings, locations or other things he forced its ownership of, which was a commonplace tactic of it used to spread fear and terror that it had its Grey Guards perform in the land of Deltora while it was taken over by it. This way, he could intimidate the Deltorans into submission.[1] It would also have the brand burned into the very skin of certain spies or workers to show that they were slaves to it. People like this included the Ra-Kacharz[3] and Tira.[4] The mark of the Shadow Lord was also used on official documents and signs within the Shadowlands, for instance in the Factory,[4] and was used the same way on the island of Dorne when the Shadow Lord took it over in the alternative future version of the island.[5]

In the Shadowlands, in the night sky, instead of a moon, a magical mark of the Shadow Lord would burn in the sky, rising as the light was dimming and night was drawing closer. The appearance every night of the mark in the sky is accompanied by a low rumbling like distant thunder, after which the dim light brightens as the mark appears, forming in the sky. This mark is huge and menacing and shines like cold cold white fire against the greyness of the sky's clouds. Many people in the Shadowlands fear this mark, including the Wild Ones, and so the Shadow Lord uses it to induce psychological terror and despair in people, making them more susceptible to submitting to his power. make people despair and submit to his power.[4]


The mark of the Shadow Lord appears as a black open hand, palm facing outwards, with the fingers spread out, enclosed in a black circle, and with a fuzzy white spot in the centre of the hand's palm[1] which resembled a small burning light.[5]


The origins of the mark of the Shadow Lord is unknown.


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In the Deltora Quest anime adaptation, the mark of the Shadow Lord is changed, from a black hand with a hole or white light in the centre of the palm enclosed in a black circle to a black hand with a hole in the centre with a single black eye inside of the central hole. When branded on things like buildings, the branding iron leaves the mark with a black circle around it, making it look a little closer to the canonical mark of the original source material, but otherwise no circle is used in the marks.


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