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Marilen's mother
Biographical information



Tora (formerly, deceased)


Unknown (deceased)


One of her parents (heir to the Deltoran throne)


Marilen (heir to the Deltoran throne)



Cause of death


Physical description




Eye colour

Dark like other Torans

Hair colour

Black like other Torans

Personal information

Adin (ancestor)
Zara (ancestor)
Adin's second son (ancestor)
Marilen (daughter)
Marilen's father (husband)
Ranesh (son-in-law)
Josef (grandson)

Love interest(s)

Marilen's father (husband while she was alive)

Chronological and political information

Heir to the Deltoran throne (through Adin's second son)
Member of a noble Toran family


Deltoran royal family

First appearance

Cavern of The Fear (mentioned)

Last appearance

The Shadowlands (mentioned)

Marilen's mother was a Deltoran woman, a woman of the city of Tora and thus a woman of the Toran tribe.[1] She was a direct descendant of King Adin and Queen Zara's second son,[2] the mother of the Toran woman, Marilen, and the former wife of Marilen's father. At one point Marilen's mother died.[1] By her heritage, Marilen's mother was a member of the Deltoran royal family,[2] although distantly, and she was also of Toran nobility.[1][2]


Marilen's mother was born a direct descendant of King Adin and Queen Zara of Deltora through their second child and second son, who lived about 1,000 years before herself.[2] She married a Toran man and gave birth to a daughter named Marilen. At some point, Marilen's mother died.[1] It is unknown whether Marilen's mother was aware of her own royal and noble heritage, since Marilen herself did not seem to know until King Lief told her and her father.[2]

It is unknown if Marilen's mother was among the Torans who were swept from their city when they broke their vow to King Endon when Jarred and Anna came to their city to seek sanctuary, bearing a letter with the request penned by Endon himself, and were swept away to the Valley of the Lost to become the Guardian's subjects, or if Marilen's mother had already died by this point. Marilen's father and Marilen herself were among these people, although they were freed with the rest of their tribe when Lief, Barda and Jasmine defeated the Guardian.[3] If she was alive during this time, she would have been swept away to the Valley, but then she would have had to have died after being freed as she was dead few months later when Lief came to Marilen's father to ask permission take her to Del. If not, she would have had to have died before the Torans were swept away, which was sixteen years prior to Lief's birth.[1][2]


When King Lief came from Del with Doom to Tora to seek permission from Marilen's father to bring her back to Del so that she could take Lief's place as monarch if he died, Marilen's father commented that if Marilen's mother had been there that day, she would have been proud of her.[1]

After returning to Del from their quest for the Pirran Pipe, with the Deltoran slaves they had liberated from the Shadowlands, King Lief, Marilen and King Lief revealed that Marilen was Lief's heir, the next-in-line. Marilen commented that it was through her mother's family that she was a descendant of Adin's second son, but also said that while King Lief, Barda and Jasmine had been on their quest, Marilen's father and Zeean, the chief of the Toran tribe, had examined the parchments that Lief had brought from Del to Tora when he had come to take Marilen back to Del, and they had discovered many more heirs to the throne all over Deltora, not only in Tora but even in Del.[2]



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