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Marc John Andrew McBride, born on the December 19 1971 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is an Irish children and young adult's book illustrator mostly known for fantasy illustrations. He illustrated a series of books titled Monster, which has earned the nickname as The Monster Illustrator. He is an illustrator and has illustrated paintings, images, pictures, drawings and book covers. McBride is a good friend of the author Jennifer Rowe, known better under the pseudonom "Emily Rodda", and he has worked on various illustrations and cover artwork for the books in her Deltora Quest fantasy series, which he has said is the books he likes illustrating for the most. Today McBride resides in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Marc McBride was educated in Northern Ireland at Bangor Grammar School. Graduating in 1990, he moved to Western Australia to study design at Curtin University.

Marc graduated in 1994. His final year project was the design and manufacture of the Dracula's Castle at Adventure World in Perth. He began working as a set designer for television commercials and short films, and won the award at the 1995 WA Film and Video Festival for Best Art Direction.

In between his design work, McBride was painting murals for various restaurants across Asia including Dome Cafes.  He also began illustrating for magazines and stamps around the world. This association led him to book illustration where he has illustrated over one hundred and fifty book covers and eight picture books.

Marc has had work exhibited with the New York Society of Illustrators and won the 'Aurealis Award for Excellence' for the Deltora Quest series and for World of Monsters. His extensive portfolio of monster and fantastical creature illustrations earned him the nickname "The Monster Illustrator."

Today Marc owns a studio in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Marc McBride has visited several schools in Australia over the span of his career, to teach children about being creative and artistic.

McBride is currently working on finishing a graphic novel.

Books illustrated by Marc McBride

Deltora Quest books

Deltora Quest 1

Deltora Quest 2/Deltora Shadowlands

Deltora Quest 3/Dragons of Deltora

Supplementary Deltora Quest books

Star of Deltora

The Three Doors

Other non-Deltora related books

  • Monster

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