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Deltora dragon territories
Map of dragon territories
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Doran's Dragon Territories map

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Palace library in Del


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To show the seven territories of the seven Deltoran dragon species tribes and their borders


In existence, in the Deltora Annals

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The Deltora Annals in the palace library



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Dragon's Nest

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Secrets of Deltora (colourised and more detailed)

The map of the Deltoran dragon territories is a map showing the seven territories of the Deltoran dragon tribes and their borders, which was drawn by the Deltoran explorer Doran many times. One such map was contained within the Deltora Annals.


Throughout his life, Doran drew many similar maps showing the borders of the seven Deltoran dragon tribes. One such map was eventually added to the Deltora Annals beside a note written by Doran before he ventured out on his second to last expedition around Deltora, to persuade the last remaining seven dragons to sleep. The note reads as follows:

"Once, the seven Dragon tribes encircled Deltora with their strength. The Most ancient and wise of beasts, the Dragons were the guardians and protectors of their territories. Now I fear their time is ending. They are being attacked and killed in great numbers by the monstrous vulture-like birds from the Shadowlands known as the seven Ak-Baba. Despite my pleas, the the king does nothing, and the magic Belt remains locked away from him, in the tower.

The people are glad, because they can ill spare the beasts they lose to the Dragons. But I am certain that the Dragons' loss is disastrous for Deltora, and was meant to be so. They are being destroyed for a reason. I am determined to search out the last of them, and find away of protecting them if I can.

I leave on the morrow, and pray I will not be too late."

Dragon's Nest[]