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Makoto Niwano(にわのまこと) is a Japanese mangaka born on 1 May 1964 in Satsumasendai, Kagoshima.He wrote the 10-volume Deltora Quest manga based on the first series of Deltora Quest book series written by Emily Rodda.


Makoto Niwano was a student at Kagoshima Prefectural Sendai Shoko High School when he submitted his work "Meisyoubu!?" to the manga magazine "Weekly Jump",which won him an honorable mention in the 14th Akatsuka Award,in 1981.

He made his debut in 1987 with "THE MOMOTAROH", serialised in the "Weekly Jump".He has gained popularity in the action and sports manga genres.

He currently lives in Nasushiobara, Tochigi. He is the head of G-PreX, a company that manages his own activities.

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