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Maarie's hair clip
General information
Owned by

Dare Larsett (formerly)
Sky (formerly)
Britta (formerly)

Created by


In possession of



Wear in one's hair



Chronological information
First appearance

The Towers of Illica

Last appearance

The Hungry Isle

Maarie's odi hair clip was given to Maarie by her daughter Britta,[1] who had been sold it in turn by Sky of Rithmere.[2] It was originally bought by Britta's father, Dare Larsett, in the town of Maris on the island of the same name, to be brought home and given to Maarie as a love token, however while on his preperatory voyage planning for the quest for the Staff of Tier, he had dropped it inside Bar-Enoch's tomb in Illica and had been unable to find it in the dark.[1] Britta's goozli found it eight years later in the same cave among other treasures, although Britta did not know it was in the collection. She gave it to Sky, who cleaned it, found the odi hair clip among the treasures and traded it with Britta for two gold coins and her Britta's coin purse.[2]

The clip is made of gold and set with an odi shell with a design that means "Forever".[2]



Star of Deltora[]


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