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A shop in the middle of Del



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Dare Larsett (husband), Britta and Margareth (daughters)

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Dare Larsett

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Shadows of the Master

Maarie is a woman of the Del tribe, and is mother of Britta and Margareth, and the widowed wife of Dare Larsett. She owns a shop in the centre of Del.[1]


Early life[]

Not much is known about Maarie's childhood, except that she grew up as a shopkeeper's daughter in the middle of Del, during the Shadow Lord's tyranny. Sometime after the end of the invasion and the return of the Rosalyn fleet, she met and married Dare Larsett. Though Maarie agreed to live in the harbour with their family, she was never quite truly happy there, and was quick to leave with Britta and Margareth after Dare's disappearance and betrayal.[1]

Shadows of the Master[]

Maarie is first mentioned by Margareth in the shop, when Margareth tells Britta that Maarie has a fearful headache and has at last fallen asleep. Though she does not appear physically in the plot until the very end, she is constantly in Britta's thoughts as Britta sets out on her quest to become a finalist of the Rosalyn Trust competition. When she discovers that Britta is a finalist of the Rosalyn Trust competition and setting out at dawn on board the Star of Deltora, she is furious, and slaps Britta in the face. She says words to her daughter which anger and hurt Britta deeply. Although Margareth claims that Maarie did not mean what she said and will come to regret her words, it remains to be seen whether she truly will.[1]

Hungry Isle[]

When the Star returned, however, it brought with it the truth: Dare had indeed claimed the Staff, but been murdered by Mikah, who then slaughtered the ship crew and left the not claiming the bones of Maarie's husband were his. In the wake of this, Maarie and Margareth were informed and brought to the harbor by Traders Sorrel and Freck to reunite with Britta.

Maarie subsequently attended her husband's funeral, where she wore the odi shell clip Larsett had intended to give to her after his fateful voyage. Standing among the last of the mourners, Maarie stood beside her husband's grave, quietly grieving for her murdered love. Britta notices a sad but peaceful air to her mother.

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Maarie has a strained relationship with her younger daughter, due to Britta's interest in the trading life, which Maarie disapproves of, and her complete refusal to support Britta's endeavours. As of the end of Shadows of the Master, she appears to have disowned Britta.[1] They appeared to have reconciled by The Hungry Isle and Maarie has since come to terms with Britta's choices.


Not much is known of Maarie's relationship with her older daughter-- however, it can be assumed that they are on better terms than Maarie is with Britta, as Margareth has not committed the gravest of betrayals in Maarie's eyes and is more like her mother to cause her less distress.[1]


Maarie never bothered to hide her dislike of Mab from Britta and Margareth. She viewed the older woman's painted face and jewelry with scorn and was resentful of the way Mab chose to act as if Dare Larsett's family did not exist to her, even before Dare's 'betrayal'.[1]


Dare Larsett


Star of Deltora[]



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