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Lucky charms or talismans are tiny ornamental pieces worn as jewellery to bring good luck to the wearer. It is unknown if a lucky charm has any magical properties or if it is merely superstition, but in Deltora the folk of the Mere tribe take them very serious. The tribe of the Jalis, too, was superstitious, though not to the extent of the Mere. Jalis families had talismans that was passed down through the generations.

While lucky charms are specifically for luck, usually in specific aspects of life, talismans are usually always objects ascribed with protective powers, for use in battle.

They may be worn on anywhere on a person but is most often worn in the hair as ornaments. Lucky charms come in many shapes. Specific charms aid its wearer in specific aspects of life, and so they are shaped to reflect what they are supposed to bring luck for, usually depicting something relating to whatever thing the wearer is wishing luck for.

Lucky charms may be made of any material. The Mere had clay and silver charms while the Jalis was known to have protective talismans consisting of various pieces of different materials.

Jalis talismans[]

The protective talismans of the Jalis tribe were believed to impart supernatural protection on their wearer, often used for protection in battle. They were known to consist of several pieces. For instance, the talisman of Greel's clan, last worn by Glock, was a small brown cloth bag worn around the neck by a leather strap, containing herbs of power, a river stone, stones from the belly of a diamond serpent, a gripper flower, and the talisman of a "goblin", and was said to protect the wearer from harm in battle.

Mere lucky charms[]

The Mere folk but as many charms as they can afford during their lifetimes, and some have hundreds and jingle as they walk. The lucky charms used by the Mere are usually threaded on thin strips of leather. The charms worn by the Mere are shaped according to what they are supposed to help the wearer achieve luck in.

Lucky charms are most often made out of clay, however silver ones exist but are far more expensive though they are believed by the Mere to be more powerful than the clay ones due to their nature of being made of a precious metal.