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Lief, Jasmine and Barda, as seen in the anime

This is the list of episodes of the Japanese animated Deltora Quest, an adaptation of the Australian books of the same name written by Emily Rodda. The series premiered on January 6, 2007 and has 65 episodes, although only 52 were dubbed into English.


Title Episode No.
"The Adventure Begins" 1
It is Lief's 16th birthday and down at the market, a group of Grey Guards are announcing that the orchard is now property of the Shadow Lord. Lief throws something into a tree, making an apple fall and roll to the girl. Lief mocks the guards and escapes just in time, as a blister is thrown at him. Meanwhile, the story of the Shadowl Lord and Deltora is told. Back at the forge, Endon and Anna are discussing that their time is almost up and finally, all the waiting will pay off. At the Palace, the Shadow Lord talks to Fallow, saying something does not feel right. Fallow reassures him, saying that if it were the gems, he would be happy to retrieve them.
"Jasmine, Girl of the Forests" 2
Lief and Barda are captured by the Wenn, but eventually saved by a girl named Jasmine. The three head to the center of the forest, where they meet Gorl.
"The Golden Knight" 3
Lief and Barda attempt to fight Gorl, but fail, with Barda being injured. Again, they are saved by Jasmine who succeeds in killing Gorl. They take the topaz and the elixir.
"The Enigmatic Giant" 4
Lief, Barda, and Jasmine must each solve a difficult riddle in order to safely cross a bridge.
"Nij and Doj's Trap" 5
Lief, Barda and Jasmine stumble upon what appears to be a kind old couple, living in a house in the middle of a swamp. As they walk to the house, they fall in quicksand. The old couple saves them and takes them into their home. However, they turn out to be Jin and Jod who are both a part of Thaegan's thirteen children.
"The Monster in the Lake of Tears" 6
Lief, Barda and Jasmine accompany Manus, a boy of the Ralad Tribe to the city of Raladin. They then go to fight the monster of the lake, Soldeen.
"Sorceress Thaegan" 7
Lief tries to take the gem from Soldeen, a giant monster, but is interrupted by Thaegen, an evil sorceress.
"Tom's Curious Shop" 8
Lief and his friends move on toward the next destination after defeating the Thaegan Sorceress, but Lief realises they are being followed when the belt signals danger and Jasmine gets a bad feeling.
"Noradz the Clean" 9
Lief, Barda and Jasmine awaken in a mysterious city of Noradz where the inhabitants are meticulously clean. Filli frightens the people of Noradz and Lief and his friends are captured and must play a game of luck to determine if they live or die.
"Escape" 10
Lief and his friends escape from Noradz hidden in a food wagon that takes them to Tom's store, where they learn that the Shadow Lord rules over Noradz.
"Cross the River" 11
Lief, Barda and Jasmine discover that Tom plays all sides. Despite this, the three receive help from Tom to escape the Ra-Kacharz and a group of Shadow Guards. They eventually reach the City of Rats by crossing the river, where they are swarmed by a wave of hungry rats.
"The King of The Rats" 12
The group searches for the third gem in the City of Rats and encounters Reeah, a giant snake that guards the city's towers.
"Endon and Jarred" 13
Lief, Barda and Jasmine are trying to reach the city across a desert plain. Along the way, an Ak-baba flies overhead and the crew hide under Lief's invisibility cloak. The Ak-baba continues to fly overhead and while they wait, Lief tells Jasmine the story of Endon and Jarred's childhood.
"The Stolen Gems" 14
Lief tells the story of his father, Jarred; King Endon and Queen Sharn, who have all vowed to one day recover the belt's stolen gems.
"Good Luck? Bad Luck?" 15
A festival in Rithmere draws the attention of Lief and his friends, who try to win 100 gold coins by participating in its Games.
"The Rithmere Games" 16
Lief and his friends are in danger of missing the games when they are locked in their rooms at the inn and threatened by a stranger.
"Test of Endurance" 17
Lief and his friends get advice before they compete in the final round of the Rithmere Games.
"Jasmine vs Doom" 18
Jasmine is forced to compete in the last round of the games after discovering that some of her opponents have been poisoned.
"The Boy from the Resistance" 19
The Grey Guards attack Lief and his friends as they journey to the Shifting Sands, but help comes from an unexpected source.
"The Shifting Sands" 20
Lief, Barda and Jasmine find themselves roaming the Shifting Sands in search of the Lapis Lazuli.
"The Heavenly Stone" 21
"Thaegan's Return" 22
"Thaegan's Trap" 23
"Meeting Prin" 24
"Kin to the Air" 25
"Vraal Attack" 26
"Trapped under Dread Mountain" 27
"The Great Gellick!" 28
"End of the Carn Squad" 29
"The Mysterious Ols" 30
"Goodbye, Jasmine" 31
"The River Queen" 32
"Pirate Attack" 33
"The Pirate's Feast" 34
"Maze of the Beast" 35
"Sorceress Thaegan is Back!" 36
"Mirror of Fear" 37
"Sorcerer Oacus" 38
"The Vow of the Torans" 39
"The Valley of the Lost" 40
"The Last Gem" 41
"The Seven Gems United" 42
"Nevets Goes Wild" 43
"Battle of Withick Mire" 44
"The Oath" 45
"The Last Battle of Fire" 46
"The Seven Tribes" 47
"Who is Dain?" 48
"The Fight for Freedom" 49
"Who's the Next King?" 50
"Battle of the Ak-Babas" 51
"When the Seven Gems Shine" 52
"On an Adventurous Journey Again" 53
"Jasmine Returns to the Forest" 54
"Trap of the Underground Labyrinth" 55
"Filli in a Big Pinch?" 56
"The Solitary Guards" 57
"House-sitting at Tom's Shop" 58
"Prin's First Love" 59
"The Pirates of the River Tor" 60
"The Stolen Belt 61
"The Promise that Lief Kept" 62
"Neridah and Jasmine" 63
"The House Where Ols Lurk" 64
"Deltora Forever" 65