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Linna was one of many Keep healers working in the Keep of Weld.[1]


Linna successfully treated the injured spine of Mistress Fife, a nursemaid taking care of the Keep Orphans, after the roof of the attics where the Keeo Orphans slept had collapsed on her and the children as a result of a Skimmer attack that had caused the Keep's tower to crack and fall on their home. While in the ruined attics, something had fallen on one of Linna's feet and caused it to swell. She could not free her foot, so she had cut away the shoe so she could move away freely and keep on working. Additionally she had gotten a bruise on her forehead.

As the injured people from above was brought down to the Keep's great hallway below by Wall workers, Dirk among them, to be taken care of by Healer Tallus and his apprentice, Sholto, Linna was the last of the Keep healers to walk in. Linna asked Tallus how Fife was, and said that she had done her best to help her, and thankfully she was well. When Tallus asked Linna where her shoe was, she relayed what had happened and said that she would take care of it presently, however Tallus ordered her to sit down immediately before trailing off as he noticed Bettina hurrying into the to call on Tallus frantically.[1]

Physical appearance

Not much is known about Linna's physical appearance. When Healer Tallus met her in the great hallway of the Keep, she had lost one of her shoes, and around her bare foot, which was swollen, she had roughly bound a filthy stocking. She has plump cheeks, which at the time was sagged with exhaustion, and she had a great purple bruise on her forehead.[1]


Not much is known about Linna's abilities or skills, but as she worked as a Keep healer it can be assumed that she was fairly skilled in healing and treating ailments, such as wounds and injurements, diseases and more. She was also successful in treating the injured spine of Mistress Fife, a nursemaid taking care of the Keep Orphans.


The Three Doors


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