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Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt.

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Lenore was a woman of Tora in the time of Adin who spoke for herself and her fellows when Adin approached them regarding their joining the alliance against the Shadow Lord and adding the Amethyst to the Belt of Deltora.


Tales of Deltora[]

Lenore and the other Torans drove Adin away when he first approached Tora, but later chose to welcome him after feeling a strange yearning to draw him closer. After hearing his story, however, she and the other Torans acted dispassionately as always and refused to join Adin's alliance, feeling that what transpired outside of Tora was none of their concern so long as they were protected. When Adin sensed the Amethyst's longing to join the Belt, Lenore was displeased, particularly when Zara identified it and challenged the decision. She and her fellows dismissed Adin from Tora, but later made the decision to travel to Hira in order to give Adin the Amethyst.

Physical appearance[]

Lenore was described as a middle-aged woman who wore a green robe.


Like all Torans within Tora, Lenore was incapable of anything but passionless logic within Tora, and expressed little regard for anything beyond the welfare of her city. This extended to the point of using her magic against Adin when she grew tired of his arguments. Outside the city-at least on the first occasion-she became contemptuous and insulting, displaying the same intolerance for individuals outside her fellow Torans that the narrow-minded people of the other tribes demonstrated on other occasions.


Like all Torans, Lenore possessed some magical ability, such as being able to silence a person speaking; the one instance of her doing this was accompanied by a hand motion. Her strength diminished the farther she went from Tora, and like others of her people she was tormented by the evil of the Shadow Lord.


Lenore has no known relatives.



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