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Flying leech, winged leech


Forbidden Way


Blood of humans and presumably other living creatures




Bait for Seawing



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The Shadowlands (only appearance)

A leech is a tiny, slug-like creature that is able to fly. Millions of them inhabit the Forbidden Way and prey on humans or creatures passing through the tunnel. The Kerons use dead leeches as bait for Seawing.[1]


The Shadowlands[]

King Lief, Barda and Jasmine passed through the Forbidden Way to reach Keras and subsequently encountered millions of the winged leeches that inhabit the tunnel. Lief ordered Barda and Jasmine to hide under his cloak to elude the blood-sucking creatures. While the companions hid under the cloak, thousands of leeches began piling on top of the it. It became increasingly difficult for the companions to hold the cloak in place because of the enormous, shifting weight. Eventually a tiny gap between the boat and the cloak appeared, allowing the leeches to begin pouring inside, fastening themselves onto their hands and slithering into their sleeves. Lief realised that the leeches were in such great numbers that they would very soon be overwhelmed by them. He closed his eyes and accepted his doom. Then a sudden strange peace filled Lief's body, followed by the music of the Pirran Pipe. He surrendered to its power and became unconscious, and so did not notice them passing through the exit of the Forbidden Way, into the Emerald cavern and onto the shore of Keras. Once the companions came to themselves, they found that all the leeches had died from exposure to the light in the cavern.[1]


The Forbidden Way is the current known habitat of the leeches. Leeches thrive in darkness and will wither away in the light.[1]


Leeches are slug-like creatures with wings. They have teeth that penetrate human flesh when they bite. When leeches suck the blood of a creature their bodies become bloated.[1]


The winged leeches are able to sense the warmth of any living being, and will attack and prey on any creature that passes through their domain.[1]


Leeches are carnivorous and feed on the blood of other creatures.[1]


  • It is unknown if Doran encountered the leeches while he passed through the Forbidden Way.


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