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Lean Alice is a woman of Del who is said to be a seer.[1] 

Lean Alice
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Lean Alice




Anchor Street, Del harbour





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Master Sheevers
Dare Larsett
Trader Sorrel

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Dare Larsett

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Shadows of the Master

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The Hungry Isle


Early life[]

Lean Alice was said by Dare to have predicted the Shadow Lord's invasion and sixteen years of tyranny.[1]

Shadows of the Master[]

Alice is first seen looking at Britta as the girl walks to Captain Gripp's home with Jantsy. Alice can see the shadows surrounding Britta, and warns Jantsy that the girl 'does not walk alone'. Jantsy mistakes her meaning and makes it clear that he will protect Britta if any danger befalls her, thinking that Alice may be a threat to her. 

Later, Alice meets Britta as Britta travels to Captain Gripp's to rest before setting sail aboard the Star of Deltora at dawn. Alice asks her if her 'attendants' are controlled by her, but Britta does not know what she is talking about and turns away. She then warns her that ill will follows her, and that she should call her attendants to her if she is able to. It is at this moment that Zoolah approaches and begins to harrass Britta. Lean Alice attempts to come to her aid, after Zoolah accuses Britta of having stealed the candlestick Sheevers gave her, by supporting Britta's claim by saying that Sheevers is 'only dead to the world'. However, Zoolah attacks her, kicking at her, before walking away with Britta captive.

Lean Alice brings Sheevers to Britta, so that the potter can verify that Britta's trade was a true one. After Britta's true identity is revealed, Alice witnesses Zoolah's mad rage and the freak wave caused by the shadows which kills Zoolah.[1]

The Hungry Isle[]

After it revealed that Larsett had been framed for the crimes in reality committed by his murderer, Mikah, a funeral was held in his memory in which Lean Alice was in attendance as one of the last people left among the gravestones, presumably paying her respects to her old friend. Standing in the shadows with Sheevers, Alice talked with Trader Sorrel, where they were seen by Britta as she scanned the scattering of people remaining.

Physical appearance[]

Alice is bone-thin, with dark pools for eyes. She wears an embroidered shawl around her shoulders.[1]


Alice is sensitive to the supernatural. She has a good heart, but may seem frightening or insignificant to those who do not know her very well.[1]   


Alice is a seer, much like Ava. She can predict the future, seen when she prophesies the Shadow Lord's tyranny at the start of Shadows of the Master. She also has a 'second sight', and can see supernaturally-caused things which other people may not be able to see, such as the shadows that follow Britta.[1]


Master Sheevers[]

Alice apparently is friends with Sheevers, who at times comes to visit her 'at her corner'. [1]

Dare Larsett[]

Alice and Larsett were apparently old friends and Larsett took Alice's warnings of an incoming Shadowland invasion to heart. Alice in return seems to remember her friend fondly and was one of the last to leave his funeral.



Star of Deltora[]


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